About Video Consultation

We are pleased to offer our patients the option to trial the use of a video consultation. You may be aware the NHS is working towards all patients having access to online consultations.

What do I need?

A mobile phone with a camera and the internet is the simplest way to use this service. It is also possible to use a laptop/tablet/PC with a webcam/microphone.

For most devices no special software or app is required. 

How does it work?

You will book an appointment in the same way as booking any other appointment.

An appointment confirmation will be sent to you by text message from sender ‘AccuRX’ along with a reminder of how the system will work.

The text message will include a link which you should click at the time of your appointment. Clicking earlier is ok, although the clinician won’t join until around the appointment time.

The clinician may be running late helping other patients. If the clinician has not joined at the appointment time, please wait until they are free.

Your web browser will then open on your phone. If you prefer to use a different device instead of your phone then simply copy the link and enter this into your browser.

Most Android phones and iPhones will be able to join the video call from the web browser (without downloading an app). iPhones running older software that have not been updated (iOS 12 and earlier) will need to download the Whereby app to join the consultation. Instructions will be given when the link is followed.

You will then be asked for permission to share your camera/microphone, simply click on the Give Permissions button to continue and allow access to your camera/microphone.

You should then see your own video, and at the appointment time the clinician’s video feed will appear too.

During the consultation you can choose to mute your audio/video if needed.

At the end of the consultation you can end the call by clicking Leave. 

What if I have problems?

If for any reason the clinician is unable to contact you at the allocated appointment time, you will be contacted by telephone on the number recorded on your patient record.

In the unlikely event you are not contacted, please contact reception as the clinician may not have been able to reach you.

Is it secure?

As with all information transmitted across the internet, the security of video consultations is not 100% guaranteed. We believe the risk to be similar to making a telephone call with a clinician. If you have any concerns about this, you should use another type of appointment. For more information, please visit: https://www.accurx.com/privacy-policy and https://whereby.com/information/tos/privacy-policy.

The video and audio communication is only visible to participants on the call, and is not stored on our servers, or any third party’s servers. A unique URL is generated for each consultation and all participants are visible in the consultation, meaning it is impossible for anyone to ‘listen in’.

All communication between your browser and our service is transmitted over an encrypted connection (HTTPS using TLS). The audio and video is streamed ‘peer-to-peer’, directly between your device and the clinician.

No part of the video consultation will be recorded. The clinician will write notes either during or just after the consultation in the usual way.