The following charges are effective from 1st August, 2016, for individual medical information requests.

Please note that company rates may be negotiable.  Please contact Cynthia Dunn on Tel: (0191) 386 5081.

Please note: Since the closure of the UK’s Cheque Guarantee Card Scheme on 30th June, 2011, the practice no longer accepts cheques and operates a CASH only system of payment.  Individuals should, therefore, ensure they bring sufficient cash payment with them when collecting any of the following non-NHS medical information requests.


(not requiring an assessment, examination or medical opinion) 

  • Private employment sick note
  • Letter to school (basic statement of fact)
  • Letters to third parties (basic statement of fact)
  • Passport form (GP discretion only)
  • Travel certificate e.g. stating uneventful pregnancy and no reason to limit travel
  • Sports certificate to regulatory body with brief statement of fact
Claim Forms (patient’s request)   £30.00
  • Holiday cancellation
  • School fees insurance
  • Sickness benefit claim
  • Accident benefit
Medical Reports 

(patient’s request, medical opinion but no examination required) 

  • Fire arms certificate (new and renewal)
  • Scuba diving (no examination) i.e. PADI
  • Oxford and Cambridge forms
  • Camp America
  • Paris Marathon and other sports related forms (no examination required but opinion re suitability)
  • VSO
  • PGCE
  • British Council
  • Letters to third parties requiring detailed information and/or medical opinion
Power of Attorney (no home visit required)     £75.00
Durham University Medical Evidence Reports
Medical Examinations
All basic medicals £110.00 (+ costs of investigations required)  
Examples include:

  • DVLA, HGV, PSV, Taxi, etc.
  • Fitness to travel (if examination required)
  • Basic pre-employment
  • JET
  • Sports medicals + forms if examination needed
Medical Examinations 

Complicated medicals £180.00 (+ costs of investigations required)  

Examples include:

  • Detailed pre-employment
  • Confined space medicals
Access to Medical Records
  • To view Medical Records
  • To obtain copies of Medical Records
      40p per copy
(up to  maximum £50)£10.00 computer print-out

No charge for entries on medical records within last 40 days


Private Medical Fees (from 1st August, 2016)

  • Nurse telephone consultation
  • Nurse consultation
  • Doctor telephone consultation
  • Doctor medical consultation
  • Doctor home visit
  • ECG
  • Spirometry
  • Audiogram
    Blood investigations/laboratory test requests:

  • Nurse/Phlebotomy fee £30 + £20 per individual blood test