Aims and Objectives

By working together and understanding the needs of the surgery and the patients, we aim to:

  • Learn more about our patients’ experiences;
  • Make sure services are designed and adapted to respond better to our patients’ needs;
  • Tap into the enthusiasm and energy of our patients to make long-term improvements;
  • Develop and encourage closer working relationships between staff and patients;
  • Promote patient education;
  • Improve the qualityi of care we provide;
  • Identify ways of meeting patients’ needs more appropriately;
  • Be able to use information provided by patients to help make improvements;
  • Make sure changes make sense to those that are affected by them.

Please note
This is  not a forum to voice formal complaints or grievances.  Complaints need to handled via the Practice Complaints Procedure.

Patient Participation Group members are recruited to represent the wider views of patients registered with the Claypath and University Medical Group, not soley the views of the individual.

Patients and carers and their future care and treatment by the surgery/NHS will not be affected by their involvement in the work of the Group or “virutal panel”.