Travel Health Clinic

Before you start, the NHS Fit For Travel Website ( is an excellent place to get an idea of what medical treatment you might need for your travel plans.

Many of our patients wish to travel to a variety of exotic destinations either for a holiday or as part of University study. It is important, therefore, that all individuals are informed of the health risks that may exist in the countries they wish to visit and of any immunisations or anti malarial medication that may be required.

Allow plenty of time for travel immunisation

Some destinations require only single immunisations but sometimes a course of immunisations is necessary.

In addition, some anti-malarials need to be started several weeks before travel, so early planning is very important!

Once you have decided on your destination

Make an appointment with the Practice Nurse – if possible at least 8 weeks before your departure date as immunisations commonly take several weeks to be fully effective.

Travel appointment

This initial appointment with the Practice Nurse involves a full consultation discussing your travel plans. The nurse will access up-to-date information for travel destinations around the world. A full assessment of your travel health needs will be performed and advice given regarding the appropriate immunisations, anti malarial medication and specific disease prevention.

Vaccination Prices

Hepatitis B £40.00
Meningitis ACWY £65.00
Rabies Price on application
Yellow Fever £60.00
Japanese Encephalitis £100.00
Tic-borne Encephalitis £65.00

Some travel vaccinations are not available on the NHS, so please consult our Travel Vaccine Price List.

Payment for travel vaccinations must be made prior to your appointment, by CASH or debit/credit card only.  We do not accept cheques.